baba houlakia
your piece of heaven.

A peaceful retreat created with love.
Designed for you to let your soul drift in peace
and let your mind wander.

Experience the Vibe of Baba Houlakia

Here you recharge and connect to Mykonos genuine spirit of light, nature & the divine. Let us be your guide to the authentic Mykonos experience. Live alongside the locals, indulge in true delicacies and create unforgettable memories. ​

Experience a personalized touch with our private check-in service, where we’ll unveil our favorite gems and support you in discovering the serene charm of Mykonos.

Baba Houlakia - Experience Serene Oasis in Mykonos


Enter our realm featuring 8 boutique rooms designed for you to relax.
These aren’t just any rooms; they possess soul, spaciousness, adorned in an authentically minimalist style, offering abundant tranquility
and peace.
5 grand suites, 2 chic double rooms, and 1 superbly stylish duplex are here for you.

Our standalone Suites, ideal for 2 adults or a family 
with a maximum of 1-2 children, spans 40 m2.
Our standalone Double Rooms, occupying 30 m2, 
are designed for 2 adults.
Our standalone Duplex, spanning 25 m2, is designed to 
accommodate 2 adults.

Peek into Our Inner World: The Images Within

Let your senses wander through the charm of our surroundings. #BabaHoulakiaMagic

Plan an Unforgettable Experience at Baba Houlakia Mykonos Today!

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Let us customize your stay to match your budget —Baba Style!

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