A cup of inspiration to make your day.

Enjoy a soulstroking cafe in the morning or a legendary cocktail in the evening at the Baba Cafe. Meet with locals and get local  location tipps.

What ever you feel how to enjoy the moment there is the matching seating waiting for you. Sun chair, big bags, hamock or comfy chairs your soul will tell you what to use in this very moment. We are prepared for all your needs.

Baba Family

There is no better place to work. Whole heartedly we love what we do and our goal is, to make memories for our guests.

United in purpose, we reflect the values of Baba Houlakia, committed to curating memorable moments for every guest who walks through our


The visionary owner and the soul of Baba Houlakia. With his skilled craftsmanship, he transformed the former Houlakia Bay Hotel into the tranquil oasis it is today. Stefanos dedication to detail shines through as he personally crafted much of the furniture both indoors and outdoors, infusing every corner with his passion and artistry. Despite facing a challenging health condition in 2022, Stefanos spirit remains woven into the fabric of Baba Houlakia.


Stepping in to ensure Baba Houlakia continues to thrive is Spyros, a dear friend and godfather. With over 20 years of experience working in one of Mykonos' most popular bars, Spyros is an amazing cocktail maestro. His love for his craft is evident in every sip of his creations. Taking charge of Baba Cafe and guest relations, Spyros brings warmth and hospitality to every interaction, embodying the essence of Baba Houlakias hospitality.


Keeping the wheels turning is Elpida, the resilient sister of Stefanos. Taking on the responsibilities once held by her brother, Elpida is the backbone of Baba Houlakia, tirelessly managing every aspect to ensure smooth operations.


Ensuring that every guest experience is flawless is our cleaning fairy, Alexandra. With meticulous attention to detail, Alexandra ensures that every room sparkles, leaving guests feeling pampered and rejuvenated.


And completing our team is Banula, the owner's wife, who manages reservations and the online presence of Baba Houlakia. With her boundless creativity, she keeps us on our toes.

Now is the time to get to know all of them in person. We are happy to get to hear your voice already today.

+30 694 486 7099

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