Baba Houlakia is nestled in beautiful Houlakia Bay, just 4 km outside of Mykonos Town Centre in the northern part of the island.  Large colorful pebbles is a characteristic feature of this area.  The bay offers spectacular views of the nearby islands Syros and Tinos, as well as some of the most amazing sunsets against its rocky shorelines.

4,5 km (approx 7 mins drive) from Chora, Mykonos Town Centre. 

2 km (approx 3 mins drive) from New Port of Tourlos if you arrive by ferry or cruise ship.

7 km (approx12 mins drive) from the Airport if you arrive by flight.

Agios Stefanos: less than 3 mins drive (1300 meters away through some winding road) is a lovely family friendly beach where you relax on the sun chair, shop at the mini-market, take a bus to town centre, or simply enjoy delicious local cuisines at some of the best family tavernas on the island.

Houlakia Beach: as the name suggests, Houlakia Beach is made of large pebble stones, suitable only for experienced swimmers.  There is a floating wooden patio in the water for those who wish to make a splash or simply sunbathing.

San Marco Hotel: adjacent to Baba Houlakia is San Marco Hotel and Villa, a long standing resident of Houlakia Bay. 

As you approach a road sign saying “San Marco”, be prepare to slow down your vehicle as Baba Houlakia is just the next property down the road.

Family Chapel “Agios Stefanos”: there is a small white chapel onsite of the hotel property overlooks the tranquil Houlakia Bay.  This is a family chapel built in a typical Mykonos style, and it marks the entrance of the private driveway to Baba Houlakia.

Mykonos Lighthouse: located on the top of the hill on the island’s northeast, the lighthouse in Fanari offers a scenic spot for photo-lovers and challenging motorcyclists.  It is only 3 mins ride from Baba Houlakia.  Although the ride is not easy, your effort will be rewarded with the panorama outlook of the Cycladic islands, breathtaking view at sunset.